September 8, 2017


‘Dr. Ciray is an exceptional man, every day, every moment he is with us/me in the lab or in the lecture i am in a wonderful world of embryology, he makes sure each single person gets every single point, no matter how many times the same thing is asked he is there to answer it with smile , his lectures are interaction based we learn and grow as we go along the lecture, he’s my personal tutor/guide, i am really honoured to have him as my guide. He is always there for me rather any of his students can contact him 24/7, he’s having no door policy, anyone can just pop in without appointment and he’s more than happy to help, Dr.Ciray made me realise importance of prioritising and balancing family, work and future. He’s my guiding light, he has made the course so easy, enjoyable , making things so simpler, he always puts in his extra for me and all other students. He’s one of the best teacher i have ever studied under, i am proud of this fact. There are so many superlatives to define him, currently i am out words, i can only say I respect him and aspire to be like him.’

Nomination for Partnership Awards in the category of Personal Tutor by a MSc Student in the Clinical Embryology Program at University of Leeds